Saturday, 27 June 2009


Ye olde mappe of Kernowe

• Cornwall is approx 132 miles from end to end, yet has over 400 miles of coastline.
• Permanent population of around half a million (and growing) which swells to accommodate over 5 million tourists during just a few short months of summer.
• Cornwall is actually one of the poorest areas of the UK, with only Conwy in Wales and Moray in Scotland faring worse in earnings compared to the rest of the country. Yet house prices are in the top ten per cent countrywide.
• Cornwall is officially a Duchy, and not a county. The first born son of the ruling monarchy automatically inherits the title Duke of Cornwall along with the associated revenue of over £16 million.
• 90% of Cornish place names are of Celtic origin and derived from the Kernewek language. A language closely related to that of Wales and Brittany.
• The Cornish flag is an exact reverse of the former Breton national flag (black cross on a white field) and is known by the same name "Gwynn ha Du" - white and black.
• Dolly Pentreath (died December 1777) of Mousehole, is often considered to have been the last native speaker (ie: not being able to speak any English) of the Cornish language.

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