Sunday, 21 October 2012


animal chin handplants
Bones Brigaders - Chin ramp.

Lately I've been vibing on handplants. What a manoeuvre. Upside down, balancing on one hand, on the edge of a ramp or pool, gripping an inverted skateboard and that's just the halfway point! Grosso has already turned in a worthy ode to the handplant in one of his loveletters, but I also wanted to throw up a few pics here. As it was the still image of a handplant frozen in time back in the 80s that first transfixed me as I tried to work out just how on earth anybody could ride a skateboard and get into that position.

In no particular order here are... The Handplants:

Bucky Lasek - Extreme Tuck-knee - also a Knee-on.