Saturday, 22 September 2012

NO KA OI - (Mo Bettah)

44inch deck' border=
Powell Peralta 44" No Ka Oi longboard.

This old sled has served me well.

When I lived in Harbord, NSW. I would pop over the hill and ride this daily along the beachfront from Queenscliff, past North Steyne, up and down Manly Corso and out to the Bower and then back again. It was an easygoing flat, smooth path with a surfcheck across the beach on one side and a lovely avenue of Norfolk Pines on the other.

Nowadays living in rural Cornwall I don't really get much opportunity to cruise the old longy. It just gets used when I feel the need to practise some dry land cross-stepping.

Sweet retro Hawaiian graphics.

Thunder trucks ground right down to the axles.

Red Kryps - turned inside out to minimise coning.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


My new wooden toy - a custom diamond tail handplane.

Just scored this top quality, custom wave catcher, hand shaped from tulip wood by Andy Garner of Against the Grain Handplanes.

I've watched Andy spend over two years developing his ideas and in my opinion these are the Rolls Royce of handplanes. In his rural workshop he has been experimenting with dozens of different types of wood, assessing their various strengths and weaknesses, balancing weight with flotation. Researching the effects of salt water on each type of wood over time. He's also spent countless hours personally testing and refining his designs in the surf. Continually adjusting outlines, dimensions and contours to produce the most efficient and effective shapes.

Concave bottom contoured with tapered rails.

Against-the-Grain-hand plane
Detail of diamond tail.

Just the handle alone is the result of many, many months of development. Andy realised very early in the design process that the handle is as important as the handplane shape itself. He decided to really concentrate on creating a handle that is secure, doesn't interfere with performance (in the way a cut-out or slot does), is adjustable and fits in with his aesthetic of producing the highest quality product possible. Andy designed a unique strap that is exclusively manufactured locally, the result intentionally looks simple but combined with an incredibly strong integral fastening provides one of the best handle systems available.

Designed to go fast!

I'm totally stoked with the custom diamond tail version he's made for me. How good do those natural woodgrain stripes look?

Against-the-Grain handplane
The deck has a subtle domed roll out to the rails.

Andy is finally satisfied with his handplanes and is now producing these beautiful boards for sale to the general public. If you're interested in Andy's handplanes you can get in touch with him here.

Friday, 14 September 2012


sims tshirt
Eff yeah!

This was my first skate t-shirt. I had it for years. Even took it with me to Australia when I emigrated in the early 90s. In Sydney somebody stole it from the washing line. I was deeply ticked off, but also grudgingly impressed that the thief had such good taste...

RIP Tom Sims.

Monday, 10 September 2012


Slow down - you're in Cornwall.