Saturday, 22 September 2012

NO KA OI - (Mo Bettah)

44inch deck' border=
Powell Peralta 44" No Ka Oi longboard.

This old sled has served me well.

When I lived in Harbord, NSW. I would pop over the hill and ride this daily along the beachfront from Queenscliff, past North Steyne, up and down Manly Corso and out to the Bower and then back again. It was an easygoing flat, smooth path with a surfcheck across the beach on one side and a lovely avenue of Norfolk Pines on the other.

Nowadays living in rural Cornwall I don't really get much opportunity to cruise the old longy. It just gets used when I feel the need to practise some dry land cross-stepping.

Sweet retro Hawaiian graphics.

Thunder trucks ground right down to the axles.

Red Kryps - turned inside out to minimise coning.

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