Friday, 14 August 2009


Tris surfboards logo
The venerable Tris logo based on a drawing by Keith Flack

I absolutely love this logo. They have a more recent logo that is more 80s in style (and possibly also en route to becoming a classic...), but I much prefer the original. Not sure why neither of them are here.
I've been visiting the Tris surf shop in Porthtowan since the mid 70s and the place has hardly changed in all that time. It doesn't have endless racks of multi-national merchandise, NO flat screen plasma tv, NO skate shoes. Just a small beachside surf shop that sells stuff you need if you're going in the sea.
Tris still make a few boards each year with the original logo - I can see myself ending up with one at some point.


  1. Hi, Great Blog ! Yes Tris is still making the odd board and if you are at all tempted just email us sometime. We are now using this logo too !

  2. I've got a blown up framed print of the sticker, but its got lots more detail. In the top right the clouds are made out to be the shape of Cornwall and France (thanks Johnny for pointing that out) a great piece of artwork.