Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Marvin Gaye - What's going on
Marvin Gaye - What's going on.

From the very first notes of the opening riff this is a work of art that defines flow.

I'm really not a fan of smooth vocalists, give me raw & gritty anytime, but I make an exception for Marvin Gaye's 'What's going on'. Bubbling basslines, funky riffs and pure flowing vocals combine to create a timeless suite that sounds as good today as it did almost 40 years ago when it was introduced in 1971. I particularly like that the title of the album is a statement more than a question.

Marvin Gaye talks about how he'd studied at the microphone for many years and finally felt that he learnt how to sing on this album - his secret; Relax and just let it flow...

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