Saturday, 26 March 2011


dean lane quarterpipe
Ker-thunk... ker-thunk.

I was reminded of this quarter-pipe today by Milo.

Now, just seeing a picture of it again, I can clearly hear the sound it made as we bashed our way up and down it endlessly. Metal, just over 6ft high with a bit of vert, only about 6ft wide, topped by worn wooden coping and a 6 inch platform. At the foot of a slope, bolted to a railing opposite a flat paved bank. It was sketchy at best - and we loved it!

Spent so many hours here. Lots of good times, lots of good memories, met a lot of good friends here too. And made enough scar tissue to last a lifetime.


  1. spex and barney used to tear that thing up it was a great sound i can hear it now

  2. "spex and barney used to tear that thing up..." Amen brother, first time I saw them session it, I was blown away by how hard they skated it.