Friday, 17 February 2012


The sea has always been a great leveller - and this is very apparent when you go for a surf on any of Sydney's beaches.

Three things become clear as soon as you paddle out; 1. The line-up is busy. 2. The line-up is generously populated by all sorts of random people. 3. The majority of the line-up surf better than you!

After a typical dawny, that guy who was out there shredding on his 6'4 fish may get changed into an expensive suit, jump in his Merc and head into the city where he is the head of an international business. Or he could just as easily be heading straight for the bottleshop and spend the rest of the day getting wasted. In a country like Australia where the surf culture is virtually mainstream there's no such thing as a typical surfer.
tony abbot surf
Tony Abbot, Federal Leader of the Australian opposition (usually prefers going right!)

Downunder, even the Leader of the Opposition likes to go for a splash before work. Pic courtesy: Sprout Daily