Monday, 27 July 2009


darren lago
D - Apres surf at Droskyn with beer & blanket

What can I say about Darren Lago?
"He came, he saw, he surfed" would be one way of summarising his sojourn in Kernow.
Within just a few short years this man of many talents progressed from sketchy first rides to pretty good noserider. Along the way sampling most of the wavey delights of West Cornwall whenever they were breaking. As well as snagging a couple of trips downunder for some right hand point break action.
Always up for it, always keen to paddle out, always going for it whatever the conditions, he's been a great compadre both in and out of the water. It's been an honour to follow the path with him for the last couple of years and I wish him and his family well as the next stage of their journey takes them to France.
I look forward to sharing some sunset waves again one day...
Au revoir & bon voyage D.

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