Thursday, 8 October 2009


Skateboard stickers
Bring back stickers!

When I used to spend all my time skateboarding, stickers were a small but fun part of the whole scene. Everybody had 'em, companies produced them in abundance and they were usually cool designs too. We'd slap 'em everywhere, not just on our decks, but on car windows, ramps, fridges etc, etc. I always liked the little ones, they were particularly good for covert slappage.

They became almost a form of tagging; I can remember being stranded at Gordano services while hitch-hiking on the M5 and feeling heartened by the sight of Thrasher and Kryptonics stickers on the road side sign.

I uncovered an old cache of stickers in the attic last night. Somewhere in there are; Blender's Coffee Break, Zorlac - SUAS, Blockhead - Nothing is Cool, Gator, Bod, Lance, Jim Philips - Screaming Hand and I particularly like the Steve Claar rabbit.

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  1. YES! 80s stickers rule. loved the Death Box teapot especially. found a cheesy little gem here too:

    They really do make you feel at home somewhere and are great for pointing the way to skate spots and secret surf spots...follow the stickers n roof racks.