Monday, 12 October 2009


Rodga Harvey, tailblock  edger, 1978
Rodga Harvey, tailblock edger in 1978

Had a brief but fun sk8 sesh with Rodga Harvey on Saturday, he's been ripping for three decades, that's right people, skateboarding really well for over 30 years!

Rodga Harvey smith
Rodga in 2009, still going strong!

Spex & Rodga Harvey
Spex was also there (a legend in his own right)

Spex, Planet Rock ollie, mid 80s


  1. Nice one. That pic of Specs is a classic. Stoked these two are still skating.

  2. Both sk8ing v well, Spx still ripping too, (couldn't get a good pic of him on the day in question), but he surfs with the same power and style nowadays.

  3. Wow, just stumbling through this blog and I see soem Spex shots - rad. I get to skate with him a bit in Bristol and he still kills it. Looks like he's been making it further south than Bude recently!

  4. is that Bedminster sk8 park? think i remember seeing this guy back in the day when i was still a young'un. great to see he's still at it.

  5. Yep, Dean Lane, Bedminster, Bristol. This little patch of crete was responsible for introducing me to many lifetime friends. Happy days.