Friday, 6 November 2009


I would really, really love to go to Hawaii, surely it's every surfers default duty to at least think about making the pilgrimage.

haleiwa - north shore
I'd like to be hanging out here...

I'd be happy to surf anywhere in the islands; Kauai, Maui, and of course Oahu. Waikiki, Makhaha, Haleiwa, just saying the names makes me feel good (although I'm under no illusions about actually being able to surf at any of these fabled spots) I'd at least like to go, pay my respects, soak up the history and try and paddle out somewhere along the North Shore...

hang dead
Hope I don't end up like this...


  1. count me in! 18 years since i was there i would love to relive some of that experience

  2. It's a great trip..........not always what you expected, or hoped it would be, but definitely worth going! I loved Waikiki & Makaha.