Tuesday, 3 November 2009

WHAT THE ...?!

Jen surfing
Our friend Jenny enjoying one of the recent clean days we had down here.

Jen surfing drop in guy
Until this guy decided he wanted the same wave.

Jen surfing drop in guy kook
Thanks for nothing! Shame on you.

Photos by Andrew Garner


  1. Yup. Girls get dropped in on loads more than guys do. I think it's because they think we're not going to make it / just going to go straight...I like to paddle up to them afterwards and tell them what I think of them.

  2. Dropping in on someone sucks whichever way you look at it, and good on ya Rebecca for letting 'em know you're not impressed.

  3. Toolbag.

    I tend just to plough on into them yelling 'that'll learn ya', 95% of the time my board is bigger, older and shitter

  4. Take a beater board out and ping it at em they soon cut it out...it worked for miki!!