Monday, 29 March 2010


fluid foils fin
It's a beautiful fin...

Following on from Wheardo's new fin post over at the Log Blog I thought I'd mention the new rudder I'm running in my 8'6" diamond tail.

When I got the board shaped, I'd always imagined that quite a thin, smoothly raked fin with a bit of flex would suit it, and recently got hold of a Fluid Foils 8" Soul Flex that I thought would fit the bill.

Wow, what a difference a fin makes! This new fin works with the board perfectly for the waves I've been riding lately. I can feel the drive from it so positively and it gives a nicely measured response out of the turns too. Very happy with the fin set up now.

Fins really do make a big difference to the way a board rides, and probably more noticeably so on longboards. Of course fins work in combination with a multitude of other factors such as rocker, rail, tail etc, etc. But you can totally tune up your ride by simply changing the fins on yer longboard.


  1. Niiice! Fins - good food for thought. Didn't realise but there's a guy in cornwall importing sweet fins from all over the shop, check him out if you haven't seen him before

  2. ^^ I can definitely recommend Finshack, I've got a tasty new Captain Fin Co fin from them waiting for my red log when it gets back from its surgery.

    Nice rakey fin there KK.