Thursday, 4 March 2010


Skaters like Chris Miller would never throw anything but tuck-knee, the only excuse for a skater doing a stinker is if they're learning. Photo by J Grant Brittain.Check the shadow for altitude.

chris miller nosebone upland
There are two ways to do a frontside air - the right way...

Surfer cover
... and the wrong way!

Unfortunately a lot of surfers seem only able to do 'em stinkbug - which no matter how impressive the manoeuvre may be, to my mind it's still stinky. April 2010 cover of Surfer.


  1. Chris Miller, f/s airs - best ever.... He's a pretty good surfer too...

  2. I've said the same thing many times. There;s no excuse. I know your stance is wider when you surf but c'mon.... Seems like a few surfers like Dane Reynolds are getting it though. I'd like to see a full Miller-esque cross-bone lien air performed on a wave... Actually, Miller could probably do it. From what I hear he's more than competent in the water.