Friday, 30 April 2010


jessee ollie
No one did f/s ollies like JJ.

A Jason Jesse frontside ollie is just beautiful. The style, the power, the commitment - all totally evident.

In his very first appearance as a professional in a vert contest he found himself going head to head against Gator, who at the time was a well established pro, very consistent and always hard to beat. During their heat Gator had a couple of uncharacteristic falls leaving the door wide open for JJ to easily advance to a possible top place finish in his debut. All he had to do was stay on, complete his run and he was guaranteed to win the heat...

But no such thing as playing safe for Jason Jessee, he dropped in and went full bore for a head high air to fakie and slammed! Gator won the heat.

Afterwards JJ shrugged it off saying "I don't care, I'm going for a surf."

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