Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Chris Jones Newquay 1967. Borrowed from Vintage Surfboard Collector UK.

I'm all over the place; one day it's jumpers, the next it's fantasy-surfing under Mt Fuji, a while ago it was a shell nailed to a tree, I've even blogged about a tractor... Whole lotta random stuff goin' on.

But this guy knows how to keep on track. At Vintage Surfboard Collector UK, Alasdair consistently manages to stay true to his manifesto of posting about British surf history - I find that impressive. (Meanwhile, I was considering doing yet another post about Marvin Gaye tonight...)

Keep up the good work blogger!

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  1. cheers mate. Well I do try and stick to the cause .But there's nothing wrong with a bit of random ! Variety is the spice