Friday, 26 November 2010


Not Delirium tremens, but some serious Diamond Tail love.

Between surfs, me and DL probably spend way too much time talking surfing and a lot of the ideas from those discussions were poured into the shape of my Slide Projector. And ever since then I've just had a real thing for Diamond Tails - I like the way a DT can give you a shorter turning arc by in effect reducing the rail length, I like that it can also track similarly to a pin tail for smooth trim and I just like the aesthetic overall... Here are a few DTs from the innerwebs.

Austin Bonzer.

Austin in his shaping shack.

Clean DT.

Winged hips plus DT.

KookBox DT Eggs - nice.

More KookBox - twins.

KookBox again - JT likes a DT too.

Point Concept.

Deadly combo.

Schaper shapes of Hawaii.

Bladed DT hull by Ryan Lovelace.

Triple strung soft DT.

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