Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Whichever way you are going you are going wrong.

Many moons ago, when I had endless time on my hands and a pocketful of loose change I came across an album in a record shop and just bought it on a whim. I used to do that a lot - sometimes it turned out to be ok, more often than not it didn't. But this time I struck lucky - a quirky, organic & atmospheric collection that often kept me company late into the night.

There wasn't much info on the sleeve about who WOO were, apart from the names Mark & Clive Ives and I never really followed it up at the time and certainly haven't come across them very often since.

But a recent post by Cabinessence reminded me of how much I enjoyed discovering their album and sent me off in search of the Brothers Ives again.


  1. hey, good call. i'm liking the WOO on myspace. perfect sunday evening, glass of wine, in from the cold, listen to the cricket while drawing music.
    Great album title and picture too - everyone else always knows best.....Reminds me in a way of a great don mclean lyric from Crossroads:

    You know I’ve heard about people like me,
    But I never made the connection.
    They walk one road to set them free
    And find they’ve gone the wrong direction.

    But there’s no need for turning back
    `cause all roads lead to where I stand.
    And I believe I’ll walk them all
    No matter what I may have planned.


  2. Glad to hear it struck a chord. And I like the Don McLean lyric too, I'll go and have a listen to that now...

  3. Hi Kernow
    If you wish to hear more Woo, go to
    All the best Clive from Woo

    1. Hi Clive, thanks for dropping by and thank you for the music - just beautiful...